It’s renovation time! Should you break into a sweat or cheer for joy? Possibly both. A facility renovation presents some serious challenges, but the opportunities can be great. Perhaps your renovation will give you more production or sales capacity, more operating efficiency, new capabilities, improve the customer or client experience or make the facility safer and more satisfying to employees. The opportunities can be significant.

Why You Want to Keep Operating

There are numerous reasons to keep operating during a facility renovation:

  • You may not have a choice due to the site, legal or contractual requirements.
  • Keep projects moving so you don’t have a difficult (or even impossible) catch-up period after renovations are complete.
  • Continue to meet your organization’s mission and goals.
  • Keep delivering products and services without losing customers or clients.
  • Keep employees occupied and their skills sharp so you don’t need to re-hire or re-train after renovations.
  • Keep generating revenue without creating problematic gaps.

8 Ways to Keep Your Business Operating

  1. First, make a plan that includes all the ways you will need to continue operation while conducting the facility renovation. Think of this process like leading an orchestra and keeping all the moving parts working together in harmony.
  2. Separate the renovation into stages and zones. This may involve working on a few floors at a time or relocating part of the operation into a different zone.
  3. Set construction hours that work for your team and the area occupied by your facility. This may require some unconventional construction hours.
  4. Establish a buffer zone between the construction and the business to reduce the issues of noise, air quality, and potential health problems. Also, set-up containment barriers to preserve air quality and adjust heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems so they don’t carry particulates into working areas.
  5. Consider moving people or equipment temporarily if that can be done without interrupting operations.
  6. Address any potential safety issues. That includes appropriate signage and working on areas where people will be walking around the work area.
  7. Plan for parking as well as space to store equipment and supplies.
  8. Insist on excellent site maintenance and clean-up so as not to adversely impact employees, customers or clients at every step of the renovation process.

How to Keep Employees, Vendors and Customers Happy

Use these tips to keep everyone happy during the facility renovation:

  • Notify all who may be affected well in advance. Be considerate of their own needs to prepare.
  • Be transparent about the renovation process and its implications.
  • Post signage for the public so the changes will be clear. That should include directional signage.
  • Create a system to report and address complaints.
  • Update employees and customers regularly regarding the project’s progress.
  • Spread the word about your renovation. Share it in a positive and beneficial light.
  • Consider some type of promotion or sale to increase energy around the project.

Get Expert Maintenance Assistance

As you approach your facility renovation, remain calm and take a positive approach. More importantly, contact facility maintenance professionals to assist you every step of the way. Reach out to experts serving the greater St. Louis area and providing national service.