It can be challenging for store or restaurant managers to develop an adequate commercial floor care program all by themselves. With the help of a facilities maintenance partner, you can get the kind of support you need to achieve all the benefits of a good program. Almost 70% of retailers in this country are obliged to schedule regular services for their flooring, but that’s not always an easy process. This process can be accomplished much more readily with the help of a facilities maintenance partner. Here are some of the valuable benefits that can be achieved with regular floor care support from a maintenance partner.

Best Practices

When you’re working with a facilities maintenance partner, that individual can ensure that the employees at your establishment are given proper instructions for maintaining your commercial floor. Instructions will involve the frequency of cleaning as well as the method of cleaning undertaken. Whenever it’s necessary to do strip and wax services, this can be communicated to employees and supervised by a facilities maintenance partner, who can be on hand to answer all questions as they arise.

Your facility maintenance partner should have extensive knowledge of commercial floor care, so that specific types of flooring won’t get damaged during cleaning. For instance, cleaning products like ammonia and bleach will eat up the wax on any commercial floor. Hot water can contribute to an opaque appearance on floor wax, which causes the wax to look yellow. With the supervision and knowledge provided by a facilities maintenance partner, these kinds of mistakes and costly repairs can be avoided.

Network of Contractors

Because a facilities maintenance partner will generally have a reliable network of contractors to call upon, any necessary commercial floor care work can be handled by external workers when needed. If company employees are unable to participate in the floor care process, it can be convenient to have skilled professionals come in to do an exceptional job on your restaurant or retail commercial floor.

As an example, it is often necessary to execute professional floor care services during gondola movements. When this type of service is undertaken, a floor care technician must spot strip areas once occupied by gondolas and then apply a complete strip and wax process to the entire floor, all throughout two evenings. This can be managed by a competent facility maintenance partner so that no mistakes are made and the commercial floor looks fresh and appealing afterward.

Modern Technology

A third benefit that you will generally receive when working with a competent facilities maintenance partner is the use of modern technology, which can be used to good effect in facilitating communications between management and workers. Services provided by floor care workers can be updated through a mobile app right while they are on-site and doing the work.

This kind of streamlined communication can help avoid downtime, and it can ensure that jobs are completed on time. By using advanced communication technology, workers can upload photos, so that management can review before and after photos, to know that the work is accomplished professionally and effectively. When you’re considering candidates to provide support for your commercial floor care, you should make sure that they use this kind of modern technology. This will ensure that you have up-to-date results and good overall communications between workers and management.

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